What do you need to build an Incremental Passive Income (IPI)?

• Laptop with internet
• Membership fee (only paid once and is FULL Lifetime)
• Initial investment (I suggest at least $500 although you could start with less, if you wish)
• Continual investment, when you have the funds
• Quiet place to work to get the system up and running and place your first investment (an hour a day for 7-10 days is normally sufficient)
• Realisation that you are in control of your funds at all times
• Knowledge that you break-even in 3 months
• Awareness that with larger investments, you can have an income enabling you to work from anywhere in 6 months
• Good mind-set and work ethic
• Understand that support is available via email and mobile messaging
• Confidence that you will receive all the instructions/instructional videos you need
• Ability to focus on this program and not be overwhelmed by other internet noise
• Concept of maybe making regular small investments, (for instance once per month), if funds are limited
• Faith that almost anyone can change their lives within 12 months using this program
• Grasp the fact that this program is unique to the market, and every time 160 members join, the membership fee doubles $128, $256, $512 etc.
• Be conscious that the program is being enhanced further, with more investment opportunities and formulae on a monthly basis, and so the members will always have prime information at their fingertips

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