Special BONUS.

We started recently identifying topics such as ‘discipline’, ‘commitment’ and I would add here, ‘determination’ and ’self-belief’. These are qualities you must possess, in truck loads, to jump the hurdle before you.

Therefore, I will give you the details of the special BONUS below that will help you start creating your true long-term wealth.

(My results show, on average, that only 1 in 63 people have the ‘discipline’, ‘commitment’, ‘determination’, ‘self-belief’,  clarity of  thought, and, open mindset to hand, in order for them to fulfil the requirements and complete the entire process. {As the difficulty level is set to medium.})

This is the reason. This is the hurdle.

Expectation levels are high. A person certainly needs to generate a lot of money nowadays to enjoy a full life and to be able to make the very best of themselves. (Namely $100,000 + per year).

In today’s society, stress levels are high, people are trying to solve their problems with existing thinking, are feeling overwhelmed, and the ‘problem’ is usually, not actually money, it’s FEAR.

(FEAR:   an unpleasant emotion caused by the threat of danger, pain, or harm. A feeling of anxiety concerning the outcome of something or the safety of someone. The likelihood of something unwelcome happening. a mixed feeling of dread and reverence.)

This FEAR is compounded by the constant self-talk which is detrimental; negative associations, poor diet (not just food, but what they read and watch etc.) and what’s more, they do not know where to turn for unbiased assistance.

This is the solution. Membership Program +BONUS.

If any of this hinders you personally, then the 21kpermonth membership has a hidden, private mindset training section, as a special BONUS under the ‘step-by-step instructions/reference’ segment of the program enabling you to gear up and jump over the FEAR and have your system up and running promptly.

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