Summary of the 21KPM framework

You can see from my brief articles that there is only one program recommended here i.e. the 21kpm full lifetime membership.

The reason for this, is not just the minimum one-off outlay for you, but, moreover, is for you to use this package solely as a capital generator to fund any other projects or endeavours you may wish to bring into your life.

Subsequently, the only framework you need to work with is as follows:


Access is free to the email series, main blog and post index.

Access to main program* is restricted to paid members only, which permits all; software downloads, instructional guides, bonuses, support and upgrades.

Put yourself into build wealth mode, by visiting:

*The main program itself can help, recommend other tools and strategies for particular formulae, online career changes and business builds if and when required  in order to assist you achieve all personal goal choices. You are under no obligation to use any of these recommendations.