Are you going to unsubscribe?

My data tells me that on average out of every four hundred subscribers thirty-three percent unsubscribe within forty days.

Does this bother me? The answer is ‘NO’ in fact quite the opposite is true.

This only means that portion of original subscribers do not want to become wealthy bad enough to put the work in and are probably thrashing about in the world of the internet; unable to focus properly on serious opportunities, greedy and looking for a get rich quick scheme that doesn’t exist.

This may sound harsh, but in my experience, also means that some of this portion will probably end up being scammed as they are often impatient too.

The good news is the sixty-six percent portion recognise that with some consistent hard work they can start building a wealth portfolio online, multiplying their own money enormously for the rest of their lives.

Whether they do or not is up to them, but at least they are now at the point where they will continue their investigation into the program or even consider making an informed decision based on details provided to date.

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