Some conclusions and proceed with caution

Some people will never understand the methods within the 21kpm membership because they proceed to put a limit on wealth; they lack the knowledge of how to correct old ways of thought and continue to be anxious about future obstacles.

Often they believe the world must change before any great number of people can acquire the knowledge to fill their own lives with abundance and inspire others.

This is simply not true.

Masses of people can move forward along their chosen journey to build great wealth for themselves by using these methods whilst incorporating a growth mindset; combined with a fixed purpose and personal faith.

The 21kpm creative program to develop and build wealth is a definite process, which can be started at any time; under any circumstances, and as a result, will not only be successful for you but, will be better for others too.

This method is totally unlike any other struggle for power in the competitive sense, which only harms others, as the news demonstrates every minute of every day.

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