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ABOUT ME : My name is Keith Tice AKA Nettrainer aged 54, happily married to Lizzie, with one daughter and a small black & white cat.

After years of struggling, setting goals, and working my butt off, I eventually started a REAL online business, and now, I am a full time Network Marketer, working from my home office in the beautiful Kent countryside.

When I go outside I can see and hear the M25 motorway in the distance, and it is nice, because it reminds me of what I used to do for years making a living in regional sales, driving for hours everyday, and how grateful I am to all my mentors for helping break the 9 to 5.

I work for myself now, when I choose, and my passion is now helping my small but steadily growing team of marketers to their successes.

I have appeared over 2,500 times on stage as a musician and attended over 5,000 face to face meetings in my career so far but now use my laptop and iphone for most communication.

MY MISSION : To Help between 72 and 96 People in 2017 From All Walks Of Life Learn How They Can Earn More In A Few Days Than They Used To Earn In A Month Using Network Marketing.

If you have the belief, commitment, the right attitude and the desire to create the wealth, abundance and freedom that you deserve, then please let me help you.

Many people have successfully achieved just this and have left the ‘rat race’ and are now living the life that they have always aspired to.

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Keith Tice AKA Nettrainer