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MISSION : To help people from all walks of life learn how they can earn more in a few months than they used to earn in an entire year using (21KPM) Investment Strategies / Network Marketing, to change their lives forever . NOTE : by registering on this site you may automatically receive information on our services to get you started. Set up your profile, read the RULES and GETTING STARTED pages.


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Follow the process detailed in the 21KPM program

Follow the process detailed in the 21KPM program Providing you can follow the detailed instructions within the 21KPM program, repeatedly, you will build your wealth. You can achieve great goals with online with these processes, without being the smartest cookie,… Continue Reading →

Focus and build

Focus and build. Today let us look at what we mean by this statement, pertaining to new/potential members. Focus: On the job at hand, your lifetime membership.  As explained in the discipline post, the hard work has been done and… Continue Reading →

Other popular questions and answers

Other popular questions and answers. Is my 21KPM membership fee refundable? There is a one-off fee for full lifetime membership and it is not refundable. Can I lose money with my 21KPM investment program? We do not accept any liability… Continue Reading →

Summary of topics we have covered together

Summary of topics we have covered together. Before I list out the topics we have looked into over the last week or so, remember 21KPM program: blog posts are at subscription for more information is at membership joining… Continue Reading →

‘Who’ are you and ‘what’ do you need?

‘Who’ are you and ‘what’ do you need? Before we look at the ‘who’ and ‘what’ questions, let us look at the ‘why are you here?’ question. There are plenty of opportunities out there for making an online income, but,… Continue Reading →

Overview of the 21KPM membership.

Overview of the 21KPM full lifetime membership. To understand more about the 21KPM membership offered by FastTrackWealthMethod (FTWM), it is important to remember there are two main parts; namely, the program itself, and, the step-by-step instructions. The Program When the… Continue Reading →

What is IPI?

What is IPI? The definition of IPI within the 21KPM program is as follows: Incremental Passive Income (IPI) – is when you continue to get paid after the work is done, and, the amount you get paid increases year-on-year. This… Continue Reading →

21KPM – Lifetime Membership

In addition to the Income Plan free email series FTWM is proud to announce the launch this month of it’s 21KPM – Lifetime Membership. For those wishing to see rapid results using the new Detailed Digital Investment Guide – visit… Continue Reading →

FTWM Launches The 21kpermonth Income Plan

FTWM Launches The 21kpermonth Income Plan : You Can Implement As Much Or As Little As You Want Make Use Of What You Already Have Learn to Trade Digital Currencies Open Up Other Investment Opportunities No Need To Recruit Work… Continue Reading →

Create A Unique Reality Matching The Vibration Of Your Desire

Create A Unique Reality Matching The Vibration Of Your Desire “The reason you have not already gotten what you desire is because you are holding yourself in a vibrational holding pattern that does not match the vibration of your desire”… Continue Reading →

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